Commercial Greenhouses

Standard features:

The commercial greenhouse can be a very versatile structure. It will stretch the limits of its full potential by not just growing produce or plants. First, it is a greenhouse made for secondary schools, universities or for full scale production. But it can transition from a greenhouse to meet the needs of the Hospitality sector. As a result it can serve as a restaurant and bar for a up-scale hotel in Los Angeles. Perhaps even a place to sample some local craft beer or wine. Third, it can be a reception hall for a wedding venue under the stars. Finally, its possibilities are limitless just like yours.

If you require a greenhouse, the commercial style greenhouse can have partitions for multi-zone climate control. Some other common structural configurations include: Side Vents, Wet Wall Systems, Fan Jet Heating System, iGrow Link4 environmental control system to automate your greenhouse. If you would like more information call 817-343-0820 to speak to a consultant.